$22 Million —Settlement
Woman struck by Duane Reade truck sustained brain and orthopedic injuries

$20 Million Settlement
Motorist pinned between cars resulting in leg amputations

$19.5 Million  Settlement
Girl paralyzed after spinal column surgery 

$14 Million  Settlement
Customer hit by falling merchandise resulting in paralysis  

$14 Million   Settlement
Brain-damaged baby caused by obstetrical malpractice

$12.5 Million Settlement
Injuries to motorcyclist caused by improper signs on roadway

$7 Million   Settlement
Child struck by truck resulting in skull fracture 

$7 Million Settlement
Brain-damaged baby caused by neonatal malpractice 

$7 Million Settlement 
Child struck by drunk driver caused brain damage 

$6.5 Million Settlement 
Brain-damaged baby caused by obstetrical malpractice 

$6.5 Million Settlement 
Spinal injuries from surgery against a NY hospital 

$6 Million Settlement 
Negligent design of gas station— customer hit by car with severe degloving injuries to legs 

$5.5 Million Settlement 
Motorist injured on negligently designed and maintained roadway 

$5.5 Million Settlement 
Motorist struck by police vehicle causing injury 

$5 Million Settlement 
Failure to diagnose osteomyelitis 

$5 Million Settlement 
Bicyclist falls after striking construction plate in road 

$4.75 Million  Settlement
Labor Law — fall from scaffold caused multiple fractures 

$4.6 Million Settlement
Obstetrical malpractice caused injury to newborn 

$3.9 Million Settlement
Mother killed by truck reversing down a one-way street 

$3.65 Million Settlement
Fall down wet steps caused a closed head injury 

$3.5 Million Settlement
Misdiagnosis of cancer leads to unnecessary, disfiguring surgery

$2.5 Million Settlement
Mother bled to death during labor and delivery 

$2.5 Million Settlement
Dump truck improperly entered highway and cut off plaintiff

$2.5 Million Settlement
Negligent design of roadway caused crash

$2.3 Million Settlement
Wrongful death caused by neurosurgical malpractice

$2.25 Million Settlement
Motorist blows red light resulting in neck injury

$2.2 Million Settlement
Driver in automobile accident suffered shoulder, elbow and neck injuries

$2.1 Million Settlement
Wrongful death caused by failure to diagnose congestive heart failure

$2.1 Million Settlement
Wrongful death of passenger in automobile accident

$2.1 Million Settlement
Driver in motor vehicle accident suffers back injuries

$2.1 Million Settlement
Police officer responding to emergency dies in crash

$2 Million Settlement
Improperly reconstructed penis caused by plastic surgical malpractice

$2 Million Settlement
Bicyclist struck by bus causing knee, shoulder and back injuries

$2 Million  Settlement
Wrongful death caused by restaurant and drunk driver (Dram Shop case)

$1.6 Million — Settlement
Worker suffered fractured ankle caused by failure to provide safe work place

$1.5 Million — Settlement
Passenger in automobile struck by drunk driver causing knee injury and herniated disc

$1.4 Million  Settlement
Pedestrian struck by vehicle suffers leg and back injuries

$1.3 Million Settlement
Sanitation worker suffered herniated disc from automobile accident

$1.3 Million Settlement
Woman attacked due to inadequate security at motel

$1.3 Million Settlement
Passenger on bus suffered herniated discs in accident

$1.3 Million Settlement
Severe scarring and deformity due to malpractice of plastic surgeon

$1.25 Million Settlement
Wrongful death due to a failure to diagnose stab wounds in emergency room

$1.2 Million Settlement
Driver in low speed accident suffered herniated discs

$1.1 Million Settlement
Passenger in automobile accident suffered spinal fracture

$1 Million Settlement
Worker suffered herniated disc caused by failure to provide safe work place

$1 Million — Settlement
Child struck by school bus causing pelvic fractures

$1 Million — Settlement
Electrical explosion caused herniated discs and exacerbation of seizure disorder
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