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Torgan Cooper + Aaron, P.C. has a notable record of success for plaintiffs in negligence and medical malpractice cases, and a consistent record of verdicts and settlements above seven and eight figures.

Victims of tragic accidents and medical malpractice are entitled to answers. They seek justice and need help holding the responsible parties accountable for their actions which have resulted in injury and loss. While there is no way to take away the loss the victims and their families have suffered, Torgan Cooper + Aaron’s goal is not only to secure maximum compensation, but to help our clients achieve a more secure, financially stable future. View our past verdicts and settlement history below.
Construction Accident Attorney Bronx NY


Brain-damaged baby caused by negligent neonatal care 

Brain-damaged baby caused by obstetrical malpractice 

Personal Injury became wrongful death following spine surgery against NY Presbyterian and surgeon

Child struck by truck resulting in leg fractures and cognitive injury 

Ferry’s crash caused fracture of passenger’s neck, paralysis

Fatal crash caused by car turning across traffic

Passenger in automobile accident causing a herniated disc 

Van struck in rear by tractor trailer resulting in multiple injuries

Pedestrian struck by taxi due to steam condition on street causing back injuries 

Passenger in van hit by truck causing brain damage with shoulder and neck injuries 

Police officer’s car hit by drunk driver causing knee and back injuries

Matron in ambulette struck by truck resulting in herniated discs

Hit in rear in stop-and-go traffic resulting disc and shoulder injuries

Passenger in motor vehicle accident causing knee, shoulder, neck and back injuries 

Passenger in van accident resulting in herniated discs with shoulder injury

Driver broadsided, resulting in torn rotator cuff and herniated discs 

FELA case in which track worker lifting equipment suffered herniated disc

Child suffered hip injury in motor vehicle accident 

Taxi driver struck by vehicle, sustained pelvic fractures and disc herniation  

Tow truck operator suffered fractured leg due to police improperly failing to stop traffic 

FELA case in which track worker sustained pelvic fractures when struck by train equipment  

Low speed impact resulted in aggravation of degenerative condition

Construction flagger improperly directs traffic resulting in neck injury

Ambulette driver killed in accident when cut off by bus

Wrongful death of police officer in high speed chase

School bus matron suffered herniated disc in sideswipe accident  

Police officer injured stepping off police van sustaining herniated disc  

Driver struck by city bus resulting in herniated discs

Driver broadsided by car suffered aggravation of herniated discs  

Driver in motor vehicle accident sustained torn rotator cuff and herniated discs 

Customer fell in parking garage causing herniated discs and knee injury


Woman struck by Duane Reade truck sustained brain and orthopedic injuries

Motorist pinned between cars resulting in leg amputations

Girl paralyzed after spinal column surgery 

Customer hit by falling merchandise resulting in paralysis  

Brain-damaged baby caused by obstetrical malpractice

Injuries to motorcyclist caused by improper signs on roadway

Child struck by truck resulting in skull fracture 

Brain-damaged baby caused by neonatal malpractice 

Child struck by drunk driver caused brain damage 

Brain-damaged baby caused by obstetrical malpractice 

Spinal injuries from surgery against a NY hospital 

Negligent design of gas station— customer hit by car with severe degloving injuries to legs 

Motorist injured on negligently designed and maintained roadway 

Motorist struck by police vehicle causing injury 

Failure to diagnose osteomyelitis 

Bicyclist falls after striking construction plate in road 

Labor Law — fall from scaffold caused multiple fractures 

Obstetrical malpractice caused injury to newborn 

Mother killed by truck reversing down a one-way street 

Fall down wet steps caused a closed head injury 

Misdiagnosis of cancer leads to unnecessary, disfiguring surgery

Mother bled to death during labor and delivery 

Dump truck improperly entered highway and cut off plaintiff

Negligent design of roadway caused crash

Wrongful death caused by neurosurgical malpractice

Motorist blows red light resulting in neck injury

Driver in automobile accident suffered shoulder, elbow and neck injuries

Wrongful death caused by failure to diagnose congestive heart failure

Wrongful death of passenger in automobile accident

Driver in motor vehicle accident suffers back injuries

Police officer responding to emergency dies in crash

Improperly reconstructed penis caused by plastic surgical malpractice

Bicyclist struck by bus causing knee, shoulder and back injuries

Wrongful death caused by restaurant and drunk driver (Dram Shop case)

Worker suffered fractured ankle caused by failure to provide safe work place

Passenger in automobile struck by drunk driver causing knee injury and herniated disc

Pedestrian struck by vehicle suffers leg and back injuries

Sanitation worker suffered herniated disc from automobile accident

Woman attacked due to inadequate security at motel

Passenger on bus suffered herniated discs in accident

Severe scarring and deformity due to malpractice of plastic surgeon

Wrongful death due to a failure to diagnose stab wounds in emergency room

Driver in low speed accident suffered herniated discs

Passenger in automobile accident suffered spinal fracture

Worker suffered herniated disc caused by failure to provide safe work place

Child struck by school bus causing pelvic fractures

Electrical explosion caused herniated discs and exacerbation of seizure disorder
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